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AVMARK issues a number of subscriber publications on aviation, including:

The AVMARK Newsletter

$445 US per year (Monthly issue) 

Published since 1962, the AVMARK Newsletter reports all orders, purchase sales and leases of new and used transport aircraft. The Newsletter analyzes regulatory, economic and operational factors affecting the market for and value of transport aircraft. The Newsletter is a monthly "snapshot" of the industry, and contains graphs and charts on major trends and developments. Contact us for subscription information.


Transport Aircraft Values

$1,499 US (One year)  
$2,699 US (Two-year)  Unavailable online - Individual request provided 

Reports current fair market values by year of build and project the future value of all transport category aircraft. The future values are based on an economic model which projects the values based on the earning stream of approximately 130 different types of aircraft for their useful life. The model takes into account the operating cost and characteristics of each aircraft, worldwide and future traffic volumes and fare levels and current and future fleet compositions. The values are presented in both constant and then-current dollars. Contact us for subscription information.


Historic Jet & Turboprop Values and Lease Rates

$350 US per year (One Issue, PDF Version)
$700 US per year (One Issue, Excel Version) Unavailable online - Individual request provided

Historic Jet and Turboprop Values is a summary of the then current fair market values as published in the Avmark Newsletter for all jets and turboprops in service. The prices are based on reported transactions and on AVMARK's experience in consulting, appraisal and fleet evaluation. The prices indicated are for the oldest of the type, in standard configuration in half-time maintenance condition. Price information is available from 1969 and Operating lease rates are available from 1988. Contact us for subscription information.


Small Transport Aircraft (Regional Jet & Turboprop)

$350 US per Year (Current, PDF Version) Unavailable online - Individual request provided

STA is designed as an easy to use reference guide to compare the operating and cost parameters of 35 regional jet and turboprop aircraft. Information includes development history, current production status, configuration and operating performance and costs as reported to the DOT. Pictures of each aircraft are also included. Contact us for subscription information.


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