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Founded 1962

AVMARK, Inc. is a Marketing and Management, Capital Equipment Purveyor and Construction Contracting Firm dedicated to the commercial aviation market place. Founded in 1962, AVMARK has compiled considerable experience in all facets of the aviation industry assisting airlines, financial institutions, national and supra-national government agencies, manufacturers and other related businesses. AVMARK maintains offices in five worldwide locations and representation in another four countries. This network ensures that we are able to meet the ongoing needs of our customers in a most timely fashion.

AVMARK combines real-world, hands-on management experience with a global perspective on the aviation marketplace. AVMARK is the world leader in appraising commercial aircraft, business aircraft, helicopters, spare parts inventories, components, ground equipment and aviation related facilities such as gates, slots and route rights. Our expertise in appraisals and future value forecasting is relied upon by major banks, leasing companies and airlines.

Avmark provides complete turnkey regional and international airport construction, airport infrastructure construction and management services for governments and business principals globally. Avmark also provides consulting for airline scheduling, marketing, operations, management, revenue enhancement, and capital financing.

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